Fees as of 03/01/2022
  Adult Child

Teacher's home or distance learning (phone or Skype;  reduced rates*)

44 € an hour    * 33 € an hour    * 38 € an hour    *
Student's home (SAP *) or Companies 60 € an hour 48 € an hour    * 54 € an hour    *
Group (4-5 students) Contact oliviabenhaim@yahoo.fr

Private Class Policy

  • ASSESSMENT: Part of the first class is devoted to assessing the student’s needs and goals, as well as defining the format and pace of classes in accordance with student’s expectations.
  • SUPPLIES: Students should come with a large binder and transparent sleeves. Books and learning materials, other than those distributed by the instructor, must be purchased by the student.
  • REDUCED RATES: 1- If two students decide to share a class, the second student will be charged half the regular rate. 2- Also, discount fees offered to families from Thérèse d'Avila's School. 3- SAP (French Tax Reduction) Fee is partly deductible from the French tax return form. Please contact oliviabenhaim@yahoo.fr for details.
  • CANCELLATION POLICY: If a student cannot attend a previously confirmed class, he/she must inform Olivia Ben Haim either in person, with a message at 06 70 89 51 26, or at oliviabenhaim@yahoo.fr. If a class is rescheduled within a week, there will be no penalty. If a class is cancelled, 7 days or more prior to the scheduled class, there will be no penalty. For a cancellation made less than 7 days before a class there will be an administrative fees of 10 EUROS and for a cancellation taking place less than 48-hour before a scheduled class, the charge will be the total cost of the class .